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After meeting with you, I will prepare and mail a proposal packet. Please ensure the proposal reflects the work you have requested. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me. If my proposal meets your approval, please sign, date and return one copy in the envelope provided, the other copy is for you. If you decline this proposal, please return it unsigned with the enclosed comment card.

You may accept the proposal in whole or in part. Each tree or shrub will have its own entry. If you do not want an item completed, or an "option" has been provided, please indicate your preference on the return copy. I hope you accept my proposal, but please consider insurance, professionalism and experience as well as price when making your decisions.

I understand the entire project cost may create a financial hardship. I am happy to discuss several options including prioritization of work over time with separate billing or alternative payment options. My proposal represents the amount you will actually be billed, so you know the final price in advance. If there is need for additional work or a change in the plan, it will only be performed with your authorization. I will schedule the work based on the needs of the tree or shrub, existing contracts, weather, scheduling efficiencies, and emergency service. If you have any special concerns or wish to be present during the work, please let me know when you return the proposal and I will coordinate with you, otherwise I will schedule the work appropriately. Often times this can only be accomplished on a day-to-day basis. It is not unusual for me to have several weeks work already contracted.

If you have any questions, please call. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you, and hope to hear from you soon.
Autumn Trees